Cap Table

Ownership and equity
made easy.

You've never managed a Cap Table like this. Because of Smart Companies' fully integrated operations stack, tracking ownership of your company is simple, transparent, and error-free.

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Vesting for Advisors and Teammates

Align incentives between the company and the teammates by configuring cliffs and vesting durations

Equity Advisory

Get advice and support from subject experts on how to set up teammate equity and how to think about raising money

Raise Money

Fundraising activities automatically update your cap table and balance sheet

Proper Approvals

Benefit from built-in processes to follow your company’s bylaws with easy notifications and approvals

Programmatic Shareholder Rights

Common and preferred shares can be created with tailored voting weights, liquidation preference, and other customizations.

New Features All The Time

Build your company on a stack that grows as your company does.

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Ownership tracking that
doesn’t break the bank.

Don't Overpay

Smart Companies make Cap Table management simple and free.

Stay Accurate

Your Cap Table is synced throughout your stack to provide a verifiable source of truth.

No Misplaced Docs

Never worry that you don’t have what you need when you need it.

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