Company Incorporation

Built For Founders,
By Founders.

The Smart Companies fundraising module allows any smart company to easily accept capital from investors into the on-chain treasury. Funds can be supplied in fiat or crypto and investment terms are transparent and verifiable.

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Easy Incorporation

Set up your company the way you want or take our best-practice recommendations.

Cover All Your Bases

Don’t get lost in the bureaucracy. Don’t overpay to navigate it.

Legal Mirroring

Actions taken in the UI are executed with smart contracts, but also automatically update legal contracts and corporate records.

Great Governance

Set up your company with checks and balances from your cofounders and investors with programmatic controls over major decisions and changes.

Expert Support

Starting a company is a big deal. Fortunately you don’t have to do it alone.

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From idea to reality, easy.

Save Your Money

Don’t pay a penny to get set up.

Headache Free

Automated incorporation ensures that you never need to touch paper or visit a post office.

Peace of Mind

Rely on the experts who will help make sure your company is in good standing.

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