Join The Pilot Program

Launch and run your onchain organization with the newest tools for incorporation, governance, payroll, fundraising, and more. Read The FAQ.

What is a Mezzanine Entity?

Organizations built with Mezzanine's Protocol enjoy the best elements of DAOs, like programmatic execution, transparent structures, and auditable financials. They also enjoy the best of companies, like legality, legitimacy, and time-tested governance structures. A Mezzanine entity manages all elements of governance and finances onchain.

Why build with Mezzanine?

• You operate onchain and recognize that most DAO tooling is insufficient

• You want tools to support easy legality and compliance

• You want to automate your financials, compliance, auditing, taxes, payroll, and more

• You want to usher in a new wave of organizational structures backed by smart contracts

What is the Pilot Program?

Mezzanine will provide an entire support system from incorporation to payroll to fundraising that empowers you to run your business with top-notch efficiency. We will become your backoffice for running an onchain organization.

Who is the ideal pilot partner?

Early-stage DAOs or companies that want to operate onchain.

• The organization has day-to-day operations
• You want a legal entity (limit liability and stay out of trouble)
• Want tools for compensating teammates

How do I join the Pilot Program?

1. Submit the application
2. Speak with the team
3. Get accepted

How much does the Pilot Program cost?

$0. Pilot partners will receive free support and services from Mezzanine. There will be optional expenses that are pre-negotiated with some of our partners (i.e. incorporation, tax, accounting) that are better than the most competitive available. Companies are always able to use other services.